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Booking Rules

Please review the rules below before making a booking





¨     The members’ priority booking period begins as soon as the member is financial (For example subscription invoices are sent to members on 1st November each year. Once the member has paid their subscription they are able to book. The members’ priority booking period ends one week after the Annual General Meeting each year, for all periods.

¨     Guest Bookings will not be confirmed until 2 weeks after the Annual General Meeting.

¨     Bookings are allocated on…. members get priority, weekly bookings have priority over shorter bookings, direct family members have priority over guests and on a first booked, first served basis.



¨     A block booking can be made as soon as the member is financial.  Once the member has paid their subscription they are able to make a block booking (including guests) for the forthcoming winter. Note: Block Bookings can only be made if no other beds (not even one bed), is booked at that time.

¨     If a member then books beds (for members only), over the top of a block booking, within the members priority booking period, the smaller booking of all members gets priority over the block booking.

¨     The discounted block booking bed rate will then be offered to the larger (block booked) party, less the beds occupied by the smaller (all member) party

¨     See Block booking payments under payment heading.



¨     Normal weekly bookings are  from SUNDAY to SUNDAY      

                            DAILY CHECK IN’S – 3pm     CHECK OUT’S –10am

¨     There should be no arrivals before 3pm. If members and or guests arrive early, bags and food are to be left in the lodge storage areas (not in the hallways, laundry, fridges or kitchen cupboards). 

¨     Members and guests must vacate their rooms by 10am(sharp). If you plan to ski on the day of your departure, you may leave your bags and FOOD in the storage rooms (not in the hallways, laundry, fridges or kitchen cupboards).  If you wish to use a bathroom after the days skiing, you may use the common bathroom at Perisher. As there is no common bathroom in Thredbo, members and guests will have to be utilise the public facilities in the village. 



¨      Members wishing to be considered for priority in the school holidays must make their bookings by 25th February 2019. If the situation arises that requests for school holiday bookings, exceed the number of beds available, members only will be given priority. If there is still a higher demand for beds, a usage roster will be implemented. For example: if an all member family has requested and received Thredbo for two consecutive years, they may be allocated Perisher instead. Members will be contacted in early March to inform them if their booking has been successful.


¨      In the 2019 July school holidays , bookings will be accepted as                                                                                                      

         7-night bookings (Sunday to Sunday)

         5 nights (IN: Sunday - OUT: Friday) and 2 night (IN: Friday  OUT: Sunday)  bookings 


         NOTE 7 night bookings will get priority



¨     On-line Bookings: can be made at   If some members feel unable to book on-line, a hard copy booking form will be posted or faxed on request. Any member, who requires help re on-line booking, can ring the booking clerk for assistance. 

¨     In the case of school holidays a bed may be reserved by several members, and the members will be notified after the AGM as to whether their request has been successful.

¨     Phone bookings will not be accepted unless an on-line booking form, (accompanied by full payment), is lodged by the member. 



¨     Any non-payment of funds owed to the Club (including subs) by a member or their guests, will disqualify that member/guest from using the Lodge until all monies are paid.

¨     Payment for accommodation must be made prior to members/guests using the lodge.

¨     Payment must be made within 7 days of the booking being confirmed.  

¨     Bounced Cheques - any cheque rejected by the bank will incur an administration fee of $100, which includes associated bank fees.  

¨     Block Booking Payments - Members making block booking must pay $1,000 non-refundablebooking deposit (Bpay or Credit Card only) within 24 hours (otherwise all beds released)



¨     All cancellations must be in writing.   Applications for refunds (if less than 60 days before the booked date) will be put to the General Committee for a decision. Refunds will generally only be made on compassionate grounds.

¨     Members who transfer a firm booking to a future date will be charged an additional fee of 10% of their total booking fee, for that transfer.  



¨     Weekend bookings, will only be confirmed, 14 days prior to the date required.

¨     Weekly bookings get priority over weekend bookings

IN: 3pm Friday 26th July         OUT: 10am Sunday 28th July
IN: 3pm Friday 2nd August     OUT: 10am Sunday 4th August
These weekends will be available to book, as soon as members have paid their annual subs!
These two weekends will be approved after the AGM (in early March). This allows members to plan their weekend skiing well in advance.



¨     The category headed “MEMBER’S IMMEDIATE FAMILY” pertains to those people who are directly related to the member; that is spouse/partner and children of the member.  Anyone who is not classified as the members immediate family, are deemed guests.

¨     If a lodge is full, and a member or guest wishes to have a room to themselves, and does not wantto share, they must pay for the unoccupied bed. 

¨     During the ski season any member wishing to book a single bed must pay a room rate NOT a bed rate. That is the member must pay for their bed and a members rate for the second bed. They can also only stay a maximum of one week. This may be overruled at the committee’s discretion.

¨     Where members/guests

a)    request specific rooms, the booking officer is under no obligation to grant every request, as this is impractical,   however she will assist wherever possible.

b)    extend their stay whilst they are in the lodge, they must contact the booking officer to confirm that the bed is available and make payment by credit card. If this is not done the stay cannot be extended.

c)    leave the lodge “early” i.e. prior to the last day they have booked and paid, no refunds will be made.

d)    invite friends to stay in the lodge, the booking officer must be called to check  the availability of the bed, and payment  for the bed must be made on the spot.

e)    wish to change rooms and the lodge is not full, a call must be placed to the booking clerk first.


 ******It is of the utmost importance that members and guests sleep in their assigned beds!!