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Covid Rules 2021-2022



as at 1st November 2021


  1. All members and guests must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19, before they will be allowed to book accommodation.
  2. All members must have proof of Vaccination Status available to show the lodge managers.
  3. Members , Guests and Visitors can only enter the lodges if they;
    1. Are fully vaccinated against Covid 19
    2. Have proof of vaccination status to show the lodge managers.
  4. No person can enter the lodges if they have been required to take a COVID 19 test and are waiting on results.
  5. At the time of booking, members are required to certify that all people in their group are fully vaccinated or hold a medical exemption. If evidence of certification/exemption cannot be produced, to the Lodge Manager, that person will be refused entry and/or asked to leave the premises immediately.
  6. Members and guests are to sign the National Parks and Wildlife Services log-book, and are to each certify in that log book, that they are fully vaccinated.
  7. Visitors can only enter the lodges if they are fully vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination to the lodge manager. Do not invite anyone one into the lodges until you are 100% sure they are fully vaccinated.
  8. If during a stay at the lodge any member or in-house guest develops a temperature over 37.2 or cold or flu like symptoms, they are immediately to inform the lodge manager via SMS and depart the lodge.

    Thredbo – Mandy  0408 360 466

     Perisher – Keith  0411 432 435

  9. If the lodge manager forms the opinion that any person has developed cold or flu like symptoms, or if they have a temperature over 37.2, they have the authority to direct that member or in-house guest to leave the lodge.
  10. All members and guests must practice good hand hygiene. Hands are to be washed at regular intervals using soap and warm water in the bathrooms. Hand sanitiser will be placed at the entrance of the lodges. No person is to enter the lodge without first at least washing their hands with hand sanitiser. No person is to enter a kitchen without first washing their hands with hand sanitiser.
  11. Good general hygiene should also be practiced. Do not cough without covering your face (with your elbow) and if you do touch any common surfaces, please wash down the surface as soon as you finish. This includes salt and pepper containers, utensils, chairs, tables etc
  12. It is essential that the amount of people in the common areas be limited.Common sense should be used to prevent overcrowding


  1. Members should discuss the timing of cooking and eating for both breakfast and dinner with other guests and the lodge manager the day before and an agreed schedule written on a white board. If there is a failure to agree, the lodge manager shall allocate times for cooking and eating. It is essential and mandatory that all members and guests adhere to the timetable.


  2. BEFORE your allocated cooking time expires, please
    1. stack the dishwasher (but do not turn it on)
    2. place all used tea towels in the washing basket (supplied by the manager)
    3. all common surfaces in the kitchen and dining area, must be fully and completely wiped down and cleaned.
  3. The last rostered kitchen group must turn on the dishwasher.



  1. The following linen will be supplied.
    1. bottom sheet
    2. doona cover
    3. towels
    4. Pillow cases
  2. When departing the lodge please strip the sheets and doona covers from your beds and place linen and towels in the laundry bags


Geebung owes a duty to its managers and to all of our members and guests, to do everything we reasonably can, to keep them safe and healthy.    The managers have the full authority of the committee on the day to day implementation of these rules. All members and guests are to, without complaint or debate, follow the directions of the lodge manager to the letter. The committee will support the lodge

manager’s decision, so there is no point appealing to the committee. The lodge manager has the committee’s authority to direct any member or guest to leave the lodge at any time for non-compliance with these rules or if they have any concerns as to the safety of themselves or other members.


By these rules the Geebung Committee has tried to put in place the safest use of the lodges. That being said,  there are obviously risks involved, and we cannot guarantee that someone does not get the virus from visiting the lodge. Each member and in-house guest will be using the lodge on the clear understanding that they recognise the risk and accept it. The club itself takes no responsibility for any adverse outcomes including any wasted accommodation fees and other costs that may be incurred if members and in-house guests, have to leave a lodge or if a lodge is closed at short notice.